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10 Great Motorcycle Safety Gifts for the Holidays

Motorcyclists take great pride in their riding abilities, bikes, and equipment. A gift that combines an exciting new accessory and safety is sure to be a hit. Consider giving the gift of safety this holiday season to the motorcycle enthusiast in your life with one of these 10 items.

1. New Helmet

In 2013, motorcycle helmets saved an estimated 1,630 lives throughout the United States. Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%, and the risk of death by 37%. Purchase a new helmet that meets California safety standards, including impact attenuations, penetration, and retention requirements.

2. Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets go a long way toward protecting a rider from the elements, such as poor weather conditions. They also reduce the severity of injuries such as road rash in an accident. Purchase a waterproof, top mesh, or textile motorcycle jacket your loved one will look and feel great in.

3. Denim Riding Jeans

If the motorcyclist in your life wants to stay safe, yet in style, consider denim riding jeans. Riding jeans combine fashion with motorcycle functionality, incorporating features such as extra strength and waterproofing for ultimate safety. The innovative materials used to make these jeans can help regulate body heat, combat wind, and protect the legs in a crash.

4. Waterproof Boots

Soggy feet are a guaranteed way to ruin a ride. The condition of a rider’s feet can alter his or her ability to control the motorcycle. Inappropriate riding shoes can also result in more significant foot, shin, and leg injuries in an accident. Waterproof boots are stylish, comfortable, and a smart way to repel water and stay safe.

5. Riding Gloves

Explore the wide range of top-rated motorcycle gloves to find a pair that speaks to you. Gloves are a type of protective gear that can prevent hands from getting too cold, wet, or struck by objects while on the road. Since the hands decide the maneuvering of the bike, it’s important to protect them from the elements and remain in control.

6. One-Piece Riding Suit

A classic one-piece riding suit that easily zips on and off over regular clothing can offer full-body protection to the motorcyclist in your life. High quality suits like the one created by Aerostitch can run more than $1,000 – the perfect gift if you want to really wow your loved one this season.

7. Goggles and Eyewear

A motorcyclist’s eyewear can be instrumental in his or her safety. Goggles and glasses protect the eyes from flying debris, bugs, and rain while on the road. Eyewear is especially important while on a bike with a tiny windshield. Go the extra mile by purchasing motorcycle goggles with interchangeable glass lenses – clear, tinted, and orange tint. It’s like gifting three goggles in one.

8. Bluetooth Communicator

Many motorcyclists don’t bring their cell phones on the bikes with them. Others have them carefully stowed away on the vehicle while riding. Purchase a motorcycle Bluetooth communicator headset to help your loved one stay connected on the road. A Bluetooth headset is easy and safe to ride with and can serve as a tool to make emergency calls in an accident.

9. Motorcycle Tires

A bike’s tires matter a great deal in preventing a harmful accident. Old, worn tires reduce the rider’s ability to safely maneuver away from obstacles in the road. New tires increase safety and offer a better all-around ride. Purchase tires appropriate for the rider’s use – i.e., highway tires vs. sport tires.

10. Performance-Boosting Parts

There are a number of motorcycle parts you can purchase to boost the performance and safety of a bike. These items can, not only help minimize injuries in the case of a motorcycle accident, but in some cases, reduce the possibility of one. Show your loved one you care by researching which performance-enhancing parts are available for his or her type of motorcycle. Parts include custom contour handle grips, a saddle shield heat deflector, adjustable foot pegs, or new mirrors.

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