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Uber and Lyft have quickly become popular options for people needing to get places. Passengers in such cars face as much risk of being in a motor vehicle collision as they do in a taxi or a privately-owned vehicle (POV). However, you have more options for seeking compensation for damages resulting from injuries in an accident while riding as a passenger in their vehicles. Before you call for that next Uber or Lyft, educate yourself on their procedures and policies, as well as what choices you have in the event the unexpected happens.

Policies and Requirements

All rideshare companies list procedures for drivers to follow throughout the operation of their car while on duty. Uber and Lyft, as the two biggest companies in this business, are leaders in this department. Instructions for their drivers in the event of an accident include:

1. Call 911
2. Check on passenger status
3. Provide or get help for those requiring it

As a consumer of their product, you should invest the time necessary to review their policies, with special attention paid to areas dealing with passengers and accidents. If a driver makes a mistake and fails to fulfill his contractual obligations as the driver, you need to know so you can take note of it for the claim and file it later.

Customer Care

No business can survive long without customers. A company needs you to feel safe and comfortable partaking of their offered services in order to keep you returning as a customer. To this end, each company employs different strategies to see to your needs after an accident. Lyft, for example, has a team on staff whose job is to contact customers post-accident to help with insurance claims. The important thing to keep in mind is your position in the business-customer relationship: passenger. All car insurance policies require medical coverage for passengers; Uber and Lyft require special coverage on top of the state required minimum coverage for passengers. This gives you, the passenger, multiple options for filing your claim.

Save Everything

In the event of an accident while riding in an Uber or Lyft, respond as you would to an accident while riding in a POV. Take pictures of the damages and any evidence on scene, gather contact information for all drivers and witnesses, file a police report and get a copy, and write down what happened in note form to help you recall the details later.

Claim Filing

Both Uber and Lyft have coverage that pays up to $1 million dollars per accident, and that coverage includes passenger coverage of $50,000 per person. Additionally, drivers have private insurance, both the Uber driver and any other driver involved in the accident. Finally, you likely have some form of coverage for injuries sustained in a car accident on your own policy, so take time to review it in the unfortunate event you need to file a claim.

Remember, as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft vehicle, you have rights to insurance protection in the event of an accident. Understanding what your options are, what to do after an accident, and, most importantly, what roles the driver and Uber or Lyft have to fill can help you have peace of mind the next time you travel with either service.

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