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Loss of Hearing Injury Attorneys & Loss Of Sight Injury Lawyers in Riverside

The loss of sight or hearing drastically impacts one’s life. You must adapt to a different lifestyle, form new habits, and deal with new medical expenses. Moving forward without financial help can feel impossible and unjust, especially if someone else’s negligence caused your permanent hearing or sight loss. When you need a loss of sight injury attorney or a loss of hearing injury attorney in Riverside, CA or within the Inland Empire, you can trust Estey & Bomberger, LLP.

Skilled Representation for Your Ear and Eye Injuries in Riverside

The team of attorneys at Estey & Bomberger, LLP is compassionate about securing compensation for victims of accidents that result in permanent sight or hearing loss. These events are devastating and deserve aggressive defense. Vision or hearing loss is common following head trauma and traumatic brain injury accidents. These catastrophic injuries can also occur as the result of car collisions, truck accidents, dog bites, burns, defective products, explosions, or workplace accidents.

Workplace injuries are one of the more common causes of vision and hearing loss. Often, workers in certain industries, such as construction or welding, suffer permanent damage to their eyes and ears while operating loud machinery, by getting debris stuck in their eyes, or by slipping and falling. The law obligates employers to provide a reasonably safe environment. If your employer is negligent in this duty, the courts may hold him or her responsible for your injuries.

Hearing and sight loss can lead to lifelong medical expenses, specialized equipment, vehicle and home modifications, physical therapy, psychological counseling, and lost quality of life. Without holding the responsible party liable, these injuries can put you and your family in significant financial hardship. A loss of sight accident attorney can investigate your accident, identify the cause, and prove a defendant’s negligence—securing recovery for your past and future damages.

Whether your employer is to blame for failing to provide adequate hearing protection or a distracted driver is at fault for causing an accident that resulted in vision loss, our attorneys can conduct a full investigation and gather evidence for your case. Catastrophic injuries require aggressive and skilled legal representation to win the amount of compensation they deserve. Don’t let someone else’s negligence go without consequence. Hire an attorney who can fight for your rights.

Don’t Let a Hearing Loss Accident or Vision Loss Injury Ruin Your Life

If you’re facing thousands of dollars in injury expenses, don’t hesitate to contact a loss of sight accident lawyer for a consultation. After a serious ear or eye injury, you likely won’t be able to return to work or continue the same job you had before. Loss of wages combined with past and future medical expenses can prove too much for an accident victim. Luckily, the United States legal system provides a solution.

Whether you’ve lost your hearing or sight partially or completely, temporarily or permanently, you have the right to seek compensation. Estey & Bomberger has won over $119,000,000 in settlements and verdicts in the last five years alone. We have what it takes to successfully litigate a complex personal injury case that involves hearing or sight loss. We specialize in serious injuries as the result of an accident and have the resources and skills you need to prove negligence.

Choose Estey & Bomberger, LLP As Your Injury Lawyers

Our loss of sight injury lawyers and loss of hearing injury lawyers in Riverside are here for you around the clock. We’ll keep you in the loop during the lawsuit process to ensure we meet your exact needs. When you need caring, passionate representation that uses assertive litigation tactics to get real results, come to Estey & Bomberger, LLP. With years of field experience and a determination to stand up for victims of vision and hearing loss, our team of attorneys is the best chance you have to win compensation in Riverside.

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