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What do I do after an Uber Accident?

As more people begin using ridesharing programs like Uber or Lyft, the chances they will be involved in an carpool vehicle accident while in such a vehicle will increase as well. Many accidents have already happened, injuring several customers. An injury suffered during an Uber accident in Riverside County will require medical expenses, time away from work, and the potential for life-long care. You need to know what to do in the aftermath of an Uber accident to make sure you get the right treatment and care.

Make sure you understand the following information regarding a potential accident before even taking a ride in a Lyft, Uber or any other ride sharing service in the Inland Empire. Here are 4 important points to consider:

  1. Know Before You Ride. Uber policy tells their drivers to do a few simple tasks in the event an accident happens. These include calling 911, ensuring passengers are safe and attended to, and providing or getting help for those in need. Regardless of which ridesharing company you use, read through the terms of service so you know what the company is telling their drivers. Knowing how the company wants their drivers to respond helps you identify if the driver makes a mistake, as this could be pertinent in a claim.
  2. Passengers Are Paramount. Without passengers, Uber and similar services don’t exist. The company needs to protect you so that you will feel safe using their service again. While the company will do everything it can to help, do not assume that means they will just relent and grant any claim you file against them. The key takeaway is your status in the business arrangement as a passenger. All car insurance policies require coverage for passengers. In the event an accident takes place, either the driver’s insurance or Uber’s may cover the costs, but where liability lies determines who pays for the damages.
  3. Write Everything Down. As with all accidents, be certain to acquire all pertinent information to make sure you have what you need to file the proper reports with the insurance companies. Get a copy of any police report, take pictures, write down notes, and gather car and driver information, as well as that for any witnesses on the scene.
  4. File All Claims. Uber’s insurance covers up to $1 million in damages per accident, including coverage of $50,000 per passenger. Drivers must have minimum coverage that the state requires to cover passengers and their medical injuries. Depending on who is liable for the accident, you may need to file a claim with the other driver, if there is one, in the accident. Additionally, your insurance company may have coverage on your own policy where you can also file a claim to make sure there is enough compensation to cover your expenses.

Knowing what your rights are when riding as a passenger in an Uber or ride sharing vehicle that is involved in an accident prepares you for what you will need to do in the immediate and long-term aftermath of the incident. You have several options to choose from to ensure your care is compensated and fair. As in all claims, do not face the process alone. Always consult with a legal expert to make sure you get the best result. If you were injured while ride sharing, contact the Riverside Uber Accident Attorneys at Estey & Bomberger, LLP today! (951) 543-9020

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